Disposable Contacts & Extended-Wear Contact Lenses

Digital Optical carries a full line of all the major brands of contact lenses, including Acuvue ®, B&L ®, Ciba ®, Cooper Vision ® and Rigid Gas Permeable Lenses ®. These lenses are available for nearsighted, farsighted, astigmatism and / or multi-focals. Our contact lenses come in such a wide variety of parameters and prescriptions that they are able to fit anyone from infant to adult.

Popular Lenses
Our most popular lenses are the disposable or planned replacement lenses, where little or no care is involved. The worn lenses are discarded daily, weekly or monthly depending on your specific regiment. You can either purchase an annual supply or be placed on an auto-ship program and have the lenses mailed directly to you, so you will never be without contact lenses again.

Contact us for extended wear and disposable contact lenses that will meet your unique needs.